Pickled + Fermented Festival in Richmond

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A girlfriend of mine alerted me to the Pickled +Fermented Festival in Richmond this Saturday. Apparently, if it's pickled or fermented, they're celebrating it.*

*I feel as if I have found my Tribe. These are so my people! Pause for happy dance.

Ok, the details are pretty darn cool. The creatrixes of the Artisan Pickle Club, masterminds Larkin Garbee and Ashley Rey, are throwing this thing at the Center of the Universe Brewing Company headquarters in Richmond. There will be pickle tastings, live music from Buckeville Hootenanny, plus a pickle-themed beer and "loads of pickle shenanigans." (Ohh, I am so there!)

Most importantly, they're having a Best Pickled and Fermented Competition with JUDGES! (These people, I swear. We were separated at birth.) Check out the categories:

  • Sweet Pickles- fruits, vegetables, bread & butter, and other sweet edible pickles
  • Savory Pickle-fruits, vegetables & dill savory edible pickles
  • Relishes - Chow-Chow, Piccalilli, Pickle, Chutney
  • Cabbage-kimchi & kraut
  • Drinkable Ferments- kombucha, shrubs & kefir (sorry no alcohol allowed)
  • Sourdough bread

I'm totally going to submit into the first four, and may do both a kraut and a kimchi under the fourth category, Cabbage. I loooove cabbage. I will post recipes and picture how-to's during the week ahead, as some will be a quick ferment, while others need a few more days to brew. If you decide to go, let me know! I'd love to see some gB folks there!

gB fermental tee
Lastly, I have finally gotten my first tee design up in the shop. Only a year in the making! Please take a look and let me know what you think. I'll be wearing mine on Saturday, and I've got several more in the works. I will post them to fb as they become available, so when you see clearly superior tee shirt design, you'll know where to go. ;)

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